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YONESF Lecture Series - featuring Jamey Allen's Amber Seminar

Jamey Allen Amber Lecture for Yone SF at the Dante Building


Amber is among the most-popular bead materials, and has held this position for a very long time. It may also be the most-imitated decorative material on the planet—causing a tremendous amount of consternation and frustration to collectors everywhere.

Jamey Allen, known for amber scholarship since 1976 when he wrote a ground-breaking series of articles called “Amber and Its Substitutes,” will present a three-hour seminar discussing nearly everything anyone would want to know about this material and topic. Jamey will cover the essence of amber—what it is, how it came to be, where it’s acquired and traded to—and how it may be related to similar-looking materials, and distinguished from them. Because amber preparations, substitutes, and imitations are endemic in the bead marketplace, considerable attention will be devoted to distinguishing between these materials.

Jamey will show many beads, necklaces, and ornaments from around the world, dating from antiquity to recent times, drawing on research, documentation, and collection for over forty years.

*Jamey will also demonstrate how suspected materials can be tested to determine whether or not they are indeed amber. These are simple tests that anyone can perform, when understood and conducted carefully.

Please join us on Sunday, November 9th, from 1 to 4 pm. Seminar Fee is $35. And please feel free to bring amber and “amber” with you, if you would like your pieces examined for authenticity. Because this is a complex topic, demanding considerable exposition, the after-activities may take us past 4 pm. We want to give you as much information as we can.

Amber Seminar: Sunday, November 9, 2014; Hours: 1-4pm; Seminar Fee $35

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Amber Seminar:  Sunday,  November 9, 2014;  Hours: 1-4pm;  Seminar Fee $35