Mr. Bee

smaller-headt.jpgOnce upon a time a young man called Yonemitsu Arashiro (Yone to you) opened a very unusual store on Union Street in San Francisco. In the years before the “Summer of Love” and “Love Beads”, he and Joe Wilson designed very special clothing for unusual people. Yone’s sister Sueko modeled the clothes. The store was called Sueko in those days. This is where Mr. Bee came onto the scene.

Mr. Wilson eventually left to go East. Then Yone discovered Peking glass beads and the beads took over as they do with bead lovers. Later, Sue passed away. The name of the store was changed to Yone. A worldwide selection of beads was the result. After Yone’s death 14 years ago, Mr. Bee carries on in San Francisco and now on the internet.

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