Yone San Francisco is a one of a kind bead source. Bead hounds have said the only bead shop quite like Yone was Byzantium in Columbus, Ohio. That was then. This is now. Yone is like it’s always been. It’s not a place to buy cheap beads. At Yone you can pay 3 cents for a bead or $300 for a bead, a necklace or a treasure. Yone is not an everyday bead store. It is an experience. You have to come to San Francisco to see it in real time. It takes time and effort to come here. This is where it’s at. The source for the unusual, big beads or small, valuable or otherwise. Some beads are beautiful and some are so spectacularly ugly you can’t help but like them.

When you come to Yone San Francisco, please take your time. You can’t see everything in 5 minutes. You can’t see it in a short break between cell phone calls. Get acquainted. Visit. Talk bead talk. You don’t have to buy something either, but that would be nice. Just once experience YoneSF. Be good to yourself.

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