A rare bead is not easy to find. It’s not there when you need it — that special. You will have to search, be persuasive, or lucky. Most people are happy with a bargain, something popular or a cheap copy. Bead lovers have higher hopes than that. They need a specific bead for a particular effect. My specialty is that rare bead or treasure that you won’t find just anywhere.

The rare bead is not always expensive. You may need a wood bead, glass or plastic. You may want a precious 20-carat gold bead or a moderately priced semi-precious stone strand. I have ancient ethnic beads in the store. Some items are modern imitations, silver beads that are NOT “bali” type, also pewter copies that don’t pretend to be authentic. What works for you. It is a matter of personal taste.

If you love beads come to San Francisco so I can help you personally. This is no longer a secret. If that is not possible, bid on a wide range of items on yonebeads.com, abeehiveofbeads.com, or yonebee.com. Make my day. Mr. Bee wants you to be a happy bead lover.

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