“This is not a bead store”

After so many years in the glass bead game, it hit me, “This is Not a Bead Store.” I’m not selling beads, I’m helping people find solutions. Beads are the way to go. When people are beading, problems go away. When they bead, the pain disappears. BEAD NIRVANA.

Of course I sell beads, who doesn’t these days. Not just any beads though, not this source for beads. I carry things you are not likely to find in the usual bead store. People come to me for beads they can’t find elsewhere. They love beads and they instinctively know where to find them. I guess you might call that bead radar.Since the summer of love 40 years ago, when the bead phenomenon began, I was there when “love beads” were all the rage. That was then. Now beads have become too ubiquitous and almost too common. The love of beads is very ancient. Is it now too late in the game to lose that love? About the earliest development in the history of mankind was the use of beads to count, identify, to adorn and, ultimately now, a way of making money.As the source for lovers searching for that very special bead, it is no longer practical to mantain a traditional storefront. To celebrate my presence on the internet, transform yone beads into¬†yonebeads.com. I will make the wide range of my extensive collections available to those who have not been lucky enough to visit San Francisco and be able to say “Now this is a Bead Store!”

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