Sexy Science


NYT June 5, 2010

This year’s world science festival
A series
of programs
at the Lincoln Center of the Arts
to make science
“exciting to laymen” by
making “science sexy”
there was also
a music and dance program
at a theater in Chelsea
with “a little quantum science to go along”
the highlight

“three theories”
Quantum mechanics
String theory

A meeting
of modern dance and ballet
at one time getting down to the undies
with mixed excess

so 21st century

T.S. Elliot
was almost 100 years
ahead of this latest attempt
at cosmic conundrum
inspired by Sweeny
a 20th century everydude

T.S.E. wrote three poems
Sweeny erect
Sweeny among the nightengales
Sweeny agonistes

The poet waited 20 years
for a production
of his
“A Fragment of an Aristophanic Melodrama”
but was dismayed
in 1932
when it was produced as a farce
rather than a serious effort

in it
Sweeny sang
Birth Copulation and Death
That’s All, That’s All, That’s All
Birth Copulation and Death
••••• You’d be bored
Birth Copulation and Death
That’s all the facts when you come to brass tacks:
Birth Copulation and Death
I’ve been born, and once is enough.
You don’t remember, but I remember
Once is enough
But I’ve got to use words when I talk to you
We’re gona sit here and have a tune
We’re gona stay here and we’re gona go
But it’s nothing to me and it’s nothing to you

so 20th century

Beauty Before Age

Three stories
on June 3, 2010
NYT does a riff
on reality

ONE  Alicia Alonzo
on pages C1 and C2
New York in her youth
an etherial ballet star
evolves into
a Cuban cultural apparatchik


TWO  An athletic Italian prosecutor
pages C1 and C4
takes another crack
at rich American
art collectors
with facist bureaucratic finesse


THREE  on E7
from a Chelsea boutique
a publicity paeon
to fashionable beach attire
is this treatise on male muscular dressage


for now
truth seems
and free


Moral Hazards


Mr. Bee wonders (as the world turns)
how freedom
education and promise
create the possibility
of power
for those who want
to intimidate   crush   destroy   kill

anyone who has the temerity to disagree with them.

1 – used statues of the Buddha for target practice
2 – stole the sign over the entrance of the shrine at Auschwitz
3 – tore down the mojave desert memorial cross that they did not approve of
4 – ?

disbelievers have lined up with true believers in the hate race!

In this world of predatory moralists
bad becomes good
it is right to wrong
passion for morality the excuse for terrorism.

considering the activities of William Ayers
his letter to the New Yorker magazine (05-19-10)
on “the origins of terror”
is it apt for a former terrorist
who has the need to set the record straight about his place in American history
to be the one to define

Make war not love!

Eloquent silence

Few appreciate the joys of quiet
A lot of nothing is on the internet
A river of trivia floating by
Some people don’t ever stop

The Japanese have Haragei the unspoken way
Let’s not go there
The poet Elliot had to
Use words when he talked to you
The philosopher Wittgenstein
Nearly went nuts
Finding a way to say
Something accurate and to the point

The Bee aims to comment
As an observer rather than a critic
If something has meaning to me it is my intention
To say it naturally as possible

It may seem like Greek to you
Mr Bee doesn’t do

“Non Erit Finis”

A full moon in an age of DEATH  DISMAY and violent CHANGE
Little makes sense except systematic FAILURE

We bees endure phenomenon like this through the centuries
We survived when our life seemed over

This bee admires human WORDS MEANINGS
They give you the ability to EXPRESS UNDERSTAND
Develop TECHNIQUES to deal with disasters

Like the bees you are programmed to die after life TRANSFORMATION is the essence of existence THE UTILITY OF WORDS cannot fail to help you face your days DETERMINATION to appreciate the meaning of dilemma


Because They Can!

THIS IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS March 24, 2010 when the interesting news in the New York Times has a familiar theme. ON PAGE 1 IT’S CHINA VS. GOOGLE – Universal health care vs. its critics – Islamics in Somalia vs. cell phone voices. ON THE SPORTS PAGES, page B12 the focus is on the foul as a winning tactic in the last moments of play. ON PAGE D5 IN THE FOOD SECTION it’s about muscling in from Kansas to win the battle of selling superior beef by using total quality product control. AN EXPERT ON CHINA finds the Chinese problem inexplicable. WHAT IS NOT CONFUSING are the parts played by overconfidence, tactics and bribes or basic fairness. IN OTHER WORDS blunt force vs. fair play. Extreme ideology vs. cooperation. Short-term gains vs. long-term victory. IN A SIMILAR STORY on Associated Press concerns two sisters in Connecticut. One sister wins a $500,000 prize but refuses to share it with her dear sister because of a fight over $100 they had years before.


In Praise of Value

A Wittelsbach blue diamond is in the news. “A modern crown jewel” (New York Times 01-09-10, page E1). The diamond was part of a historically famous decoration, The Order of the Golden Fleece. A royal knighthood as illustrious as the British Order of the Garter.

How real is intangible value? I think it is valuable because it means something to those who own or to appreciate it.

In this case the stone has been removed from a decoration, has been recut and donated to the Smithsonian Institution. It is now called “a modern royal crown jewel”. In reality, it has value only as a donation and a tax deduction.

The stone has no value now, except as a smaller blue diamond. It once had value. There is an absence here. The economic price of this stone is the cost of destroying its significance. You apparently live in an age of negativity, in which something real now has no real value.

On Transparency

Behind all this, to see through this blog thing, I have to think to see the world the way a single man might see it. To use words as a bee or a wanna-bee would use them. To talk with the voice of a bee. This buzz is my buzz “in the poet’s summary of life and old age” as Helen Vendler says in her review of John Ashbery’s collection of new poems, “Planisphere.” (New York Time Book Review, 10-13-09).

There is a cultral mystery here in this disambiguitized world of the internet: There should be room for a bit of personal ambiguity.

Not in this Town

Read a civilized discussion about Saludi break-in at the White House reception. “Not in this town” New York Times 12-10-09. David Segal seems almost quaint considering the present state of contemporary culture’s war with finesse.

Mr. Segal compares the mores of Washington, New York and Los Angeles. Power and protocol is important in Washington. It is a reality that cannot be personal. “Washington has long been called Hollywood for ugly people.” “The legal tender of the capital has more impact when displayed with a minimum of ostentation.” In Washington’s celebrity-driven culture the people are unattractive and lack charisma so that what makes them attractive is their substance.

My impression is that LA in particular has its own image of power and protocol. Money trumps art. Appearance is everything. Who you know and who you are with and your track record is what makes you beautiful. Few people in Hollywood are known by their first names. When they say Tom they mean Tom Cruise not Tom Ford. In this Lady Gaga world, a simple “single man” doesn’t have a chance.

Beyond Branding

Laura Dogson interviewed Tom Ford about his latest product the movie “A Single Man” (New York Times 12-08-09, Thursday Styles). He is described as a black box. What is in that box is the question. One can only guess the answer. Outside that container he appears like a Model-T, one color black. He is a product, a vehicle, a brand. He controls his image and (he hopes) anticipates his audiences. A paradigm, a master of all he surveys. A product of the american southwest he is a cowboy scouting the landscape as far as he can see. The master of product design. Himself. Welcome to Hollywood.