Moral Hazards


Mr. Bee wonders (as the world turns)
how freedom
education and promise
create the possibility
of power
for those who want
to intimidate   crush   destroy   kill

anyone who has the temerity to disagree with them.

1 – used statues of the Buddha for target practice
2 – stole the sign over the entrance of the shrine at Auschwitz
3 – tore down the mojave desert memorial cross that they did not approve of
4 – ?

disbelievers have lined up with true believers in the hate race!

In this world of predatory moralists
bad becomes good
it is right to wrong
passion for morality the excuse for terrorism.

considering the activities of William Ayers
his letter to the New Yorker magazine (05-19-10)
on “the origins of terror”
is it apt for a former terrorist
who has the need to set the record straight about his place in American history
to be the one to define

Make war not love!