Because They Can!

THIS IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS March 24, 2010 when the interesting news in the New York Times has a familiar theme. ON PAGE 1 IT’S CHINA VS. GOOGLE – Universal health care vs. its critics – Islamics in Somalia vs. cell phone voices. ON THE SPORTS PAGES, page B12 the focus is on the foul as a winning tactic in the last moments of play. ON PAGE D5 IN THE FOOD SECTION it’s about muscling in from Kansas to win the battle of selling superior beef by using total quality product control. AN EXPERT ON CHINA finds the Chinese problem inexplicable. WHAT IS NOT CONFUSING are the parts played by overconfidence, tactics and bribes or basic fairness. IN OTHER WORDS blunt force vs. fair play. Extreme ideology vs. cooperation. Short-term gains vs. long-term victory. IN A SIMILAR STORY on Associated Press concerns two sisters in Connecticut. One sister wins a $500,000 prize but refuses to share it with her dear sister because of a fight over $100 they had years before.