“Non Erit Finis”

As a hard worker in an ancient system, i was just a humble bee. The labor of we bees kept everything moving. Everything depended on us. The queen thought she was the only thing. BIG DEAL! We bees go way back. We are noted for our industry and the elegance in the way we built our hives. “Busy as bees” the old saying goes. A famous greek sculptor was so inspired that he created a hive of solid gold. The bees were so enthralled that they hovered around it. I have heard that it is still hanging in a long lost cave in Sicily. Devoted bees still dance around it in homage. Our heritage still lives.

Today our way of life seems to have collapsed. Many of our workplaces have fallen. Humans have made artificial hives to take their place. They move the hives and bee slaves around the country. What is a bee like me to do? It is so frustrating. I want to be more than a refugee and a victim of outsourcing. There must be a future for an industrious bee with an illustrious past.

In my search for a new beginning i’ve looked over your newspapers. My friend Mark helped me in my drive to adapt. The New York Times really got my attention. All the news THEY THINK is fit to buzz up. But what impressed me even more is the internet. Anyone can be a blogger. That fits my new found freedom from the past. Here is a chance to voice my concerns. (I might even become a VIB.) I could even be the classy urban bee that my poor indentured country cousins could only dream about. A voice to tell every one about this new reality. The voice of a bee will be heard. I’m The son of a bee but not one of those killer types. We bees have kind hearts so my version of the truth will only hurt a little. There is too much negativity today. All i hear is GET GET GET. This bee wants to be a voice of hope. After the ME generation there will be a WE generation that I can be comfortable with. So the beesez.

PS 1  I’ve heard that the word sincere means honey without wax. How sweet. This is my inspiration.

PS 2  As T S Eliot said I have to use words when I talk to you.

PS 3  “Always be becoming.”  (G. Stein ?)

PS 4 I do have an ego. My conceit is probably to be an intellectual. I hope I don’t succeed at THAT.