Not in this Town

Read a civilized discussion about Saludi break-in at the White House reception. “Not in this town” New York Times 12-10-09. David Segal seems almost quaint considering the present state of contemporary culture’s war with finesse.

Mr. Segal compares the mores of Washington, New York and Los Angeles. Power and protocol is important in Washington. It is a reality that cannot be personal. “Washington has long been called Hollywood for ugly people.” “The legal tender of the capital has more impact when displayed with a minimum of ostentation.” In Washington’s celebrity-driven culture the people are unattractive and lack charisma so that what makes them attractive is their substance.

My impression is that LA in particular has its own image of power and protocol. Money trumps art. Appearance is everything. Who you know and who you are with and your track record is what makes you beautiful. Few people in Hollywood are known by their first names. When they say Tom they mean Tom Cruise not Tom Ford. In this Lady Gaga world, a simple “single man” doesn’t have a chance.