On Dudes

B and Bs are going butch. According to Michelle Higgins in the New York Times 11-22-2009, bed and breakfasts are starting to “man up”. Unisex has apparently ventured into new territory. Sexual curiosity and openness have gone off the road. Preoccupation with non-conformity appears strange to me and rather perverse. Of course the human condition is a new experience for this refugee from the bee world.

For instance, our queen disposes of the male bees when she’s through with them. She doesn’t have to think about it. She just does it.

Humans don’t seem to want limits. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what one is used to to. I find it difficult to appreciate. After investigating your world more, this bee may learn to like it. I’ve come this far. Why not?

In the end non-conformity could become the NEW CONFORMITY. Personally, this idea gives me what you call the hives. The queen bee’s habits might be a little hard to take depending on whether you are male or female (or vice-versa).