Sexy Science


NYT June 5, 2010

This year’s world science festival
A series
of programs
at the Lincoln Center of the Arts
to make science
“exciting to laymen” by
making “science sexy”
there was also
a music and dance program
at a theater in Chelsea
with “a little quantum science to go along”
the highlight

“three theories”
Quantum mechanics
String theory

A meeting
of modern dance and ballet
at one time getting down to the undies
with mixed excess

so 21st century

T.S. Elliot
was almost 100 years
ahead of this latest attempt
at cosmic conundrum
inspired by Sweeny
a 20th century everydude

T.S.E. wrote three poems
Sweeny erect
Sweeny among the nightengales
Sweeny agonistes

The poet waited 20 years
for a production
of his
“A Fragment of an Aristophanic Melodrama”
but was dismayed
in 1932
when it was produced as a farce
rather than a serious effort

in it
Sweeny sang
Birth Copulation and Death
That’s All, That’s All, That’s All
Birth Copulation and Death
••••• You’d be bored
Birth Copulation and Death
That’s all the facts when you come to brass tacks:
Birth Copulation and Death
I’ve been born, and once is enough.
You don’t remember, but I remember
Once is enough
But I’ve got to use words when I talk to you
We’re gona sit here and have a tune
We’re gona stay here and we’re gona go
But it’s nothing to me and it’s nothing to you

so 20th century