a bee sez



the bee’s way of life
for better or worse
is made more dependent
on the human condition

man and bee connect
in the real world
of pesticide

“Non Erit Finis”

As a hard worker in an ancient system, i was just a humble bee. The labor of we bees kept everything moving. Everything depended on us. The queen thought she was the only thing. BIG DEAL! We bees go way back. We are noted for our industry and the elegance in the way we built our hives. “Busy as bees” the old saying goes. A famous greek sculptor was so inspired that he created a hive of solid gold. The bees were so enthralled that they hovered around it. I have heard that it is still hanging in a long lost cave in Sicily. Devoted bees still dance around it in homage. Our heritage still lives.

Today our way of life seems to have collapsed. Many of our workplaces have fallen. Humans have made artificial hives to take their place. They move the hives and bee slaves around the country. What is a bee like me to do? It is so frustrating. I want to be more than a refugee and a victim of outsourcing. There must be a future for an industrious bee with an illustrious past.

In my search for a new beginning i’ve looked over your newspapers. My friend Mark helped me in my drive to adapt. The New York Times really got my attention. All the news THEY THINK is fit to buzz up. But what impressed me even more is the internet. Anyone can be a blogger. That fits my new found freedom from the past. Here is a chance to voice my concerns. (I might even become a VIB.) I could even be the classy urban bee that my poor indentured country cousins could only dream about. A voice to tell every one about this new reality. The voice of a bee will be heard. I’m The son of a bee but not one of those killer types. We bees have kind hearts so my version of the truth will only hurt a little. There is too much negativity today. All i hear is GET GET GET. This bee wants to be a voice of hope. After the ME generation there will be a WE generation that I can be comfortable with. So the beesez.

PS 1  I’ve heard that the word sincere means honey without wax. How sweet. This is my inspiration.

PS 2  As T S Eliot said I have to use words when I talk to you.

PS 3  “Always be becoming.”  (G. Stein ?)

PS 4 I do have an ego. My conceit is probably to be an intellectual. I hope I don’t succeed at THAT.

“Non erit finis II”


An infection of internet violence
people who steal secrets
invade the privacy
of their victims
think nothing
of giving those secrets
to anyone,
even enemies
they are clever
consider themselves exceptional
have a selfish ideology
high moral purpose
that entitles them
to reveal
the secrets of others

From NYT 08-02-10 page B3
“A Renegade Site, Now Working With the News Media”

“Traditional news media may have finally taken WikiLeaks seriously”

“Handing over the documents to professionals with no strings attached,”

“Retreating to the job of information procurer rather than information explainer.”

“We are in a romance with journalists’ hearts,” Julian Assange


P.S. Headline WSJ 08-05-10 page A11 “WikiLeaks Hides Funding With Complex Net”

“Non Erit Finis”

A full moon in an age of DEATH  DISMAY and violent CHANGE
Little makes sense except systematic FAILURE

We bees endure phenomenon like this through the centuries
We survived when our life seemed over

This bee admires human WORDS MEANINGS
They give you the ability to EXPRESS UNDERSTAND
Develop TECHNIQUES to deal with disasters

Like the bees you are programmed to die after life TRANSFORMATION is the essence of existence THE UTILITY OF WORDS cannot fail to help you face your days DETERMINATION to appreciate the meaning of dilemma


On Transparency

Behind all this, to see through this blog thing, I have to think to see the world the way a single man might see it. To use words as a bee or a wanna-bee would use them. To talk with the voice of a bee. This buzz is my buzz “in the poet’s summary of life and old age” as Helen Vendler says in her review of John Ashbery’s collection of new poems, “Planisphere.” (New York Time Book Review, 10-13-09).

There is a cultral mystery here in this disambiguitized world of the internet: There should be room for a bit of personal ambiguity.

Not in this Town

Read a civilized discussion about Saludi break-in at the White House reception. “Not in this town” New York Times 12-10-09. David Segal seems almost quaint considering the present state of contemporary culture’s war with finesse.

Mr. Segal compares the mores of Washington, New York and Los Angeles. Power and protocol is important in Washington. It is a reality that cannot be personal. “Washington has long been called Hollywood for ugly people.” “The legal tender of the capital has more impact when displayed with a minimum of ostentation.” In Washington’s celebrity-driven culture the people are unattractive and lack charisma so that what makes them attractive is their substance.

My impression is that LA in particular has its own image of power and protocol. Money trumps art. Appearance is everything. Who you know and who you are with and your track record is what makes you beautiful. Few people in Hollywood are known by their first names. When they say Tom they mean Tom Cruise not Tom Ford. In this Lady Gaga world, a simple “single man” doesn’t have a chance.

Beyond Branding

Laura Dogson interviewed Tom Ford about his latest product the movie “A Single Man” (New York Times 12-08-09, Thursday Styles). He is described as a black box. What is in that box is the question. One can only guess the answer. Outside that container he appears like a Model-T, one color black. He is a product, a vehicle, a brand. He controls his image and (he hopes) anticipates his audiences. A paradigm, a master of all he surveys. A product of the american southwest he is a cowboy scouting the landscape as far as he can see. The master of product design. Himself. Welcome to Hollywood.